The first 0penly gay NFL star

By Ali Post On Monday June 20th Carl Nassib made history by being the first ever openly gay NFL star. The Las Vegas Raider’s defensive end took to instagram with a video saying, “I just want to take a quick moment to say that I’m gay.” The NFL has never been known for its inclusion specifically regarding the LGBTQ+ community which explains the absence of … Continue reading The first 0penly gay NFL star

Pentagon to release everything it knows about UFOs

By Matin Nematollahi In the COVID-19 relief package that was passed by congress in December 2020, there was a stipulation requiring the Department of Defense and Office of the Director of National Intelligence to deliver an unclassified report to Congress regarding unidentified flying objects famously known as UFOs within 6 months, that deadline is coming up by the end of June. On a November afternoon … Continue reading Pentagon to release everything it knows about UFOs

A second try for board games

By Edward Ginsberg             For most people, the experience one takes away from a board game can be one homophonic to the thing itself: a “bored” game. It’s very possible that most children growing up, at one point, have been rounded up by their parents to indulge themselves in one of these board games. More often than not, the family (parents) might choose popular games … Continue reading A second try for board games

Washington is opening up

By Farris Omic               In early June of 2021, Governor Jay Inslee announced Washington state will be reopening on June 30th, but now, according to Jay Inslee is close to opening the state ahead of schedule. This would be incredible news because masks are already not mandated if you are fully vaccinated. With vaccinations rolling out at an insane rate, most of Washington has … Continue reading Washington is opening up

Confirmation Bias and Randonautica

By Micah Coldiron Randonautica is an app that asks users to come up with an intention, then sends them to a random location nearby. Usually, it sends users to locations they wouldn’t otherwise visit, such as forests or out-of-the-way neighborhoods. Released in February 2020, the app would receive its first boost of popularity during the Covid-19 lockdowns as it was a great way to distract … Continue reading Confirmation Bias and Randonautica

Traveling Out of Country

By Sydney Dove               The pandemic has been going on for quite some time now, and international and unnecessary travel has nearly been put to a stop. Luckily with more and more of the population getting vaccinated and the COVID-19 infection rates starting to decrease, the world is almost ready to lift some restrictions and welcome people with open arms. This is very exciting news. … Continue reading Traveling Out of Country

iCarly’s Coming Back? Interesting

By Ali Post On September 8th, 2007, the first ever episode of Nickelodeon’s hit show iCarly premiered. Now, fourteen years later, fans are counting down the days until the reboot’s premier. For many current teenagers, iCarly was a staple of their childhood. The hilarious kids became insanely popular and well-loved with its most popular episode viewed by 11.2 million people. While the show is aimed … Continue reading iCarly’s Coming Back? Interesting